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Contentions 19

9.        Eve is completion, not addition.

10.      He that plans Sharia rule where there is no Tariqa is as he that sets a fire in the rain.

11.      If your birth is humble, let the sunna make you a nobleman; if your birth is noble, ensure that your acts are not less so.

12.      He that considers a part of the sunna to be small is uninterested in the Prophetical light.

13.      Anyone can fear His law, but they only love it who are close to Him.

14.      Narrowness without knowledge of God is only narrowness; narrowness with knowledge of Him is one of His Friend’s royal roads.

15.      Forgiveness is only complete when you love those who have given you the opportunity to be forgiving.

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Good anger, bad anger, and Shirk al-Asbab [PDF]
© Abdal-Hakim Murad, May 2014

"The process of degeneration which seems to be predicted by all world religions is
marked both by realities that anger us, and by the systematic abuse of anger as an

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Clarification: On the boundaries of da’wa
on the Happy Muslims video controversy
© Abdal-Hakim Murad, May 2014

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Contentions 18

18.      Analysts, not annalists, know that entification entails tenet-tenants.

19.      Do not speak of ‘gender’ until you understand the global culture which defines it.

20.      By allowing Ministries of Justice to exist, Islamism becomes an inadequate variant of the monoculture.

21.      Passion is the monoculture’s deadly opposite.

22.      Religion is false when it gives you no hope.

23.      If you fail to give yourself in total loving surrender to the Ground of Being, you are a friend to the rebel demons.

24.      The believer is in conflict with the monoculture either by seeking to destroy it or by seeking its redemption. But he is always in conflict with it.



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