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Al-Albani Unveiled
Conclusion and Bibliography

By the will of Allah, it has been  proven  without a shadow  of doubt that al-Albani has fallen into the abyss of  contradictions,  errors, misquotes and so on.  Whether these blunders of his are due to a weak memory gained through old age, or otherwise,  Allah alone knows best! We know that al-Albani  sincerely admits on some occasions his errors in the  classification  of  Hadith;  and  this is  praiseworthy.  For example, he admitted in Sifah salah  an-Nabee  (pg.  28,  footnote 1) about the classification of a particular  Hadith:  "I used to declare this hadeeth hasan (good) in previous  works, until I realised that I had been mistaken, because this hadeeth depends on Hanzalah al-Dawsi, who is da'eef, and I do not know how this was  unknown to me; maybe I thought  he was  someone  else.  Anyway,  praise  is due to Allah who guided  me to  recognise  my  mistake,  and that is why I hurried  to correct it in print..." 

 As far as I know at the time of writing  this short  exposition,  al-Albani has not taken much heed to correct  his errors let alone  make aware to his  readership  his  mistakes - as well as their  necessary rectifications.  I say this because even at the time of writing,  his supporters  in England are still  quoting  his  "authentications"  of Hadith in various books that have been  translated  into  English.  I have noticed quite  surprisingly that most of his followers are still oblivious of the fact that Shaykh Saqqaf has  publicised  al-Albani's errors; even though  Shaykh  Saqqaf's  books have been  available  in Jordan (and other countries) for more than two years! 

 I sincerely entreat all serious seekers of the truth to beware of al-Albani's  "classifications",  "fatwa's"  and his  extreme  revilement towards the  scholars  and laity  within the four  schools of Islamic jurisprudence.  This no doubt applies most strongly to those brothers and  sisters  who  may  have  wholeheartedly  relied  on  al-Albani's classifications of Hadith by way of Taqleed; in their quest to adhere to the authentic  Sunnah.  It is always  possible for criticism to be made by a group of people whose  understanding  is inadequate and who lack sufficient  knowledge.  But:  "How many there are who find fault with a  sound  statement,  while  their  trouble  is  due  to  faulty understanding!"  We  should  all take  heed of the  Ayat:  "Nay,  but those who do wrong follow their own lusts without  knowledge.  Who is able to guide him whom Allah has sent  astray?  For such there are no helpers.  (Qur'an 30:  29) 

 And my last word on this  subject  are in the words of Imam  Muhammad ibn Sirin (d.  110 AH; Rahimahullah, vide:  Mishkatul-Masabih, 1/273, on the authority of Imam Muslim): 

 "Verily  this  knowledge  is the  knowledge  of  religion.  You  must carefully  see from  whom you are  receiving  the  knowledge  of your religion." 

 The weak, meek, slave in need of Allah - 

Ahmed ibn Muhammad BSc (Hons), GRSC
Shawwal/March 1414/1994



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